I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in March of 1973.  When I was 3 months old, and my older brother 3,  my mother and father decided to move from Milwaukee back to Historic St. Helena Island, South Carolina where they were born and originally raised.

Growing up on Historic St. Helena Island made me spiritual, well-rooted, and cultivated.  To say the least, I am very proud to have come from a very small town with so many heritage, unique dialects, and interesting folk fables.  

However, in a small town there were limited resources and even less exciting things to do.  So, what else, I found solitude in drawing.  Drawing became such an interest to me that it became habitual.  I would draw on everything and anything.  As I grew, my drawing skills grew as well.  By the time I reached high school, I already knew I was going to college, and of course to major in Art.  

In December 1995, I graduated from the College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina with a B.A. in Art History and a B.F.A. in Studio Art with concentrations in Painting.   I studied under such greats as Michael Tyzack, Michael Phillips, and Manning Williams.  Each of these professors has their own unique style of painting.  With that being said, they taught me that I had to find my own style and once it was found, to be sure to  make it my very own unique signature.

In January 1996, I began a brief  internship with the Halsey Gallery ( now Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art) at the College of Charleston.  At the Halsey Gallery, I was under the supervision of Mark Sloan, Director and Senior Curator. During my internship I was taught the fundamentals of gallery management, including  how to work with artists on a professional level.  As I progressed at the Halsey Gallery, Mark Sloan introduced me to Ellen Dressler Moryl, the Director of the City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs.  As a result of that introduction, I became an intern with the Office of Cultural Affairs.

In March 1996, I became the Visual Arts Coordinator for the City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs.  It was then I began working with many artists.  Artists with different backgrounds, different mediums, and different styles.  This experience helped me in developing, defining, and achieving my very own signature style in my paintings.

As years went on as the Visual Arts Coordinator, more demands were needed of me.  As of April 2000, I became and remain the Volunteer Services and Visual Arts Coordinator for the City of Charleston Office of Cultural Affairs.

I am also a volunteer with My Sister's House, Inc. and Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina.

Currently, I reside in North Charleston, South Carolina.

 About Francina